15 March 2012

European grant funds: IPA Europeaid

EuropeAid: IPA Information and Communication Programme 2011
Deadline: 8th May 2012

This Call for Proposals has three distinct priorities. Therefore, it is divided in three lots and the funding is broken down by lot:
· LOT 1: actions aiming at informing the general public about the EU, its policies and the benefits of EU membership (mainly through public activities and with the help of media);
· LOT 2: initiatives targeting at bringing the EU closer to Croatian youth, most notably the eurosceptics among them (age group from 16 to 26, but not exclusively);
· LOT 3: proposals focusing on informing and educating various specific segments of the public on the possibilities of EU funds.

Types of activity which may be financed under this call should comprise a wide variety of actions within the objectives of the EU enlargement and the priority areas set forth in the Accession Partnerships e.g.:
· production of information and communication tools;
· seminars, conferences, lectures, round table meetings;
· specially tailor made designed activities or campaigns for specific target group(s)
· upgrade of already existing relevant web pages;
· development of new web pages provided that maintenance and regular updating is ensured;
· print material (special kits, leaflets, book, brochures, posters);
· media and EU related events;
· competitions, quizzes; · production of audio-visual products;
· interactive approach to citizens (also through social media)

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