30 May 2013

Enhance EU-Turkey relations

Strengthening Civil Society Dialogue between the EU and Turkey-

III Grant Programmes

 Since the official recognition of Turkey as a candidate country in 1999 national and European institutions have intensified the number of bilateral activities with Turkey which fall under the scope of the civil society dialogue. The main goal of these grant programmes is to give opportunity to potential beneficiaries to get familiar with the policies of the European Union concerning political issues both in terms of legislation and implementation and to be prepared for the accession through strengthening the contacts and mutual exchange of experience between all civil society actors on political issues in the Member States and Turkey.
The program, which is divided into a “Political Criteria Grant Program” and a “Media Grant Program,” will finance Turkey and EU media institutions’ and NGOs’ common projects in the two domains.
The priority areas of “Political Criteria Grant Program” are:
• Human rights;
• Anti-discrimination;
• Democracy and Rule of Law.
Media Grant Program” aims to strengthen the capacities of the actors of the media sector and to establish a sustainable dialogue between the actors in Turkey and the EU countries. The specific objectives are:
• Enhanced networking, joint actions and peer-learning between Turkish-EU media and media-related CSOs,
• Shared good practices and promotion of innovative initiatives and media productions between Turkish-EU media and media-related CSOs on EU matters.
The overall amount made available is EURO 9.000.000.
Associations, foundations, media organizations and similar institutions or actors working in these domains in a member state of the EU or Turkey can apply to the grant program.
DEADLINE for submission:
• to the Political Criteria Program: July 5
• to the Media Grant Program: July 12

28 May 2013

Investing in Europe’s cultural and creative sector


The European Commission proposal for a new EU programme for the cultural and creative sector, 2014-2020 Europe needs to invest more in its cultural and creative sector because it significantly contributes to economic growth, employment, innovation and social cohesion.
Creative Europe will safeguard and promote cultural and linguistic diversity and strengthen the competitiveness of the cultural and creative sectors.
Creative Europe:
• Helps the cultural and creative sector to seize the opportunities of the ‘digital age’ and globalisation
• Enables the sector to reach its potential so that it can contribute to the Europe 2020 goals for sustainable growth, jobs and social cohesion.
• Opens up new international opportunities, markets and audiences
• Builds on the success of the MEDIA and Culture programmes Creative Europe contributes to Europe 2020, the EU's strategy for jobs and growth.
This proposal is now under discussion by the Council (27 Member States) and the European Parliament who will take the final decision.

21 May 2013

Making Tourism more sustainable

Supporting the enhancement and promotion of sustainable transnational thematic tourism products

DEADLINE: 3rd July 2013

The overall objectives of the call for proposals are the following:
• to support the enhancement and promotion of sustainable transnational thematic tourism products contributing to the development and promotion of sustainable tourism in Europe by improving their visibility and market uptake.
• to contribute to the creation of an environment favorable to transnational co-operation among tourism-related stakeholders with a particular emphasis on the SMEs.
A transnational thematic tourism product is meant as made up of a set of tourism destinations, attractions, services and taking the form of a transnational route/itinerary/trail/tourism offer, either physical (based on physical infrastructure) or conceptual (linking places/destinations/attractions) having a common thematic link and a high potential for sustainable tourism development.
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17 May 2013

Green future travelling

Future travelling call


The call aims at ensuring options for future travelling in a green, smart, safe, user-friendly, efficient and integrated transportation system by coordinating national/regional funding programs in order to fund transnational RTI project.
RTI projects can address aspects of both or either one of the research questions in the following domains:
• Future Vehicle Technologies (technology oriented research domain)
• Traveller of the Future (social, organizational and technological research domain)

Future vehicle technologies, novel information and communication system, as well as social innovations and new organizational models, will help to create more sustainable mobility in European cities and at the same time ensure adequate accessibility and mobility options in rural areas.
BENEFICIARIES: Transport infrastructure operators and infrastructure managers, Public transport operators and transport infrastructure operators, Industry, Governmental Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Academia.

PARTECIPATING COUNTRIES/REGIONS: Austria, Basque Country, Belarus, Catalonia, Flanders, Germany, Israel, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Turkey.