16 December 2013

European programme "Fundamental Rights and Citizenship"

Call for proposals for action grants: support to transnational projects
Call deadline: 12 March 2014

The call is targeted at European Union citizens or third countries nationals legally residing within the European Union territory and civil society associations, among other groups active in promoting the objectives of the programme. The beneficiaries of the call could be institutions and public or private organisations, universities, research institutes, non- governmental organisations, national, regional and local authorities, international organisations and other non-profit organisations established in the European Union.

The proposals under this call shall focus on the following priorities:
• Rights of the child
• Information on where the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights applies and where to turn to if fundamental rights are violated
• Combating different forms and manifestations of racism and xenophobia
• Fighting homophobia: Enhanced/improved understanding and tolerance
• Training and networking between legal professions and legal practitioners
• Awareness-raising about Union citizenship and the rights attached to it and identification of obstacles to their effective exercise
• Awareness-raising and information about the EU rules on free movement, in particular Directive 2004/38/EC
• Facilitation of the sharing of knowledge and exchange of best practices on acquisition and loss of Union citizenship
• Address the gender imbalance in participation in the European Parliament elections
• Data protection and privacy rights

All proposals must demonstrate that they will generate an added value at EU level as opposed to national or regional level.

Projects should have an initial duration not exceeding 24 months.

Budget: EUR 10 900 000.
The grant cannot constitute more than 80% of overall eligible project costs

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13 December 2013

Creative Europe Programme - Call for proposal

Organisation and implementation of an annual European Union Prize for rock, pop and dance music: The European Border Breakers' Awards
Deadline 31 January 2014
The purpose of this call for proposals is to select an organisation/consortium capable of organising the European Border Breakers' Awards (EBBA) for the European Commission for the period 2014-2018 (as of the 2015 edition with preparatory work in 2014). The work entails the organisation of procedures for the selection of the award winners, the organisation of the award ceremony and the promotion of the awards and their winners. The successful applicant will be invited to sign a framework partnership agreement for a maximum period of four years

The EBBA awards aim to recognize and reward the success of emerging talents in the pop, rock and dance music, who manage to achieve success with their first international release in Europe beyond their home country. 

The objectives of the EBBA awards are:
• further increase the visibility and cross-border success of the winners,
• inspire other emerging artists so that they can achieve international success, as well as
• raise broader awareness in the music industry and among the broader public of the large amount of high quality musical talent in Europe that deserves to be better known and promoted both across the continent and beyond

Budget for the co-financing of this action is estimated at € 400.000. This will cover the work plan for the 2015 edition of the prize.

The call is open to public or private organisations whose chief activity lies in the field of rock, pop and dance music and which have at least five years proven experience in organising activities and events at a European level in this field.

Organisations have to be established in the 28 EU Member States or in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Montenegro, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Israel.

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11 December 2013

European funding: CHIST-ERA

CHIST-ERA - European Coordinated Research on Long-term Challenges in Information and Communication Sciences & Technologies ERA-Net

Call deadline: 21st January 2014

CHIST-ERA is a coordination and co-operation activity supported by the European Union scheme of the FP7. The aim is to reinforce the transnational collaboration between Member States in challenging multidisciplinary research in the area of ICST with the potential to lead to significant breakthroughs. The partner organisations identify emergent scientific fields allowing European researchers to engage in high risk, high impact projects that will bring some advance in science by launching each year a transnational call for research proposals.

The Call 2013 addresses two topics:

1) Adaptive Machines in Complex Environments: Research in this topic addresses this challenge by developing autonomous systems that are perceptive to human requirements and that have the ability to continuously learn, adapt and improve in “real world” complex environments. These systems should be capable of continuous learning, such that they are able to work alongside humans in a reliable, safe and trust-worthy manner.
2) Heterogeneous Distributed Computing: The increase in the number of devices per capita and the challenge of processing ever-increasing amounts of data require new approaches involving researchers working across system levels. For example, hardware and software researchers working together to develop new approaches leading to improved performance, optimisation, reliability, fault tolerance and energy efficiency of distributed systems.

Proposals must be submitted by international consortiums with research partners in at least three
of the following countries: Austria, Belgium (Flanders), France, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Funding is based on national rules.

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06 December 2013

Boosting Urban Mobility Plans

BUMP will organize a series of visits to townsn and cities where BUMP projects have been put into practice. Inviting national and international delegations, BUMP will manage and lead these visist to 'BUMP Pioneers'.

These visist aim to enable the knowledge, learning and experience gained through the BUMP project to be shared beyond the participating group and to inspire other authorities to develop their own SUMPs.

Visits will provide a great opportunity for host towns and cities to raise their profile nationally and internationally. By attending these visists, guest delegations will be able to see exemplar mobility projects in action, learn how they developed and understand the conditions needed to replicate such projects where they live. These visits also present attractive opportunities for networking and international cooperation, both for the delegates and the host towns and cities involved

Participation is reserved to local authorities with a population ranging from 40.000 and 350.000. All services will be provided free of charge to the local authorities selected as beneficiaries through a public call. Local authorities will then appoint their representatives as participants in project activities among their planners, environmental and technical officers. 
The project will part-fund the participants' travel, subsistence and accommodation cost.

04 December 2013

WP2014-15 Web Entrepreneurs Challenge

Deadline: 23/04/2014

This objective calls for projects to create an environment in Europe that encourages more web entrepreneurs to start a business in Europe and scale it up. The focus of this topic is on entrepreneurs who use web and mobile technologies as main components in their innovation with a positive impact across the continuum of actors for entrepreneurship.

The forthcoming €10M funding will be allocated to projects to accelerate web entrepreneurship in Europe by using new cross-border services co-developed by several local web entrepreneurship ecosystems and hubs working together. Coordination activities to strength the environment for web entrepreneurship in Europe and that exploit synergies across stakeholder communities will also be funded.

The expected impact is to support the emergence of dynamic European ecosystems for web entrepreneurs that also contribute to shaping future web entrepreneurship specific policies, in particular for the implementation of Startup Europe EU initiative

a. Accelerate web entrepreneurship in Europe: Online platforms with new services
b. Coordination activities in the area of web entrepreneurs

Grants: 70% of total eligible costs

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02 December 2013

Call for proposals for 'Career Development'

Deadline: 15 April 2014

The European Commission has published a call for proposals for 'Career development'.

The European Union needs highly trained and qualified researchers to improve the well-being of its citizens and ensure economic growth. In this context, this new call aims to support the EURAXESS Services Network and to complement the efforts made so far in support of researchers' career development in an academic environment.

The call builds on the principle that - based on the knowledge, behaviour and characteristics of an individual researcher - career development advice, coaching, and training could further enable a researcher to aspire to excellence, whether inside and outside academia. Researchers will be provided with tools, best practices, advice and training, and they will be able to set personal targets and demonstrate evidence of achievements.

Indicative budget: EUR 0.96 million

Beneficiaries: At least 3 independent legal entities, each of which is established in a EU member state or Associated country, and no 2 of which are established in the same EU member state or Associated country.

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