28 March 2012

European funds for researchers

Marie Curie for international outgoing fellowships for career development (IOF)
Deadline: 16th August 2012

The project is expected to include a coherent research programme for the total duration of the contract, of which an initial outgoing phase, of between one and two years, is to be spent in a distinct legal entity in an other third country (partner organisation) and a mandatory re/integration phase of one year within the contracting organisation (return host organisation) in a Member State or an associated country.

The research topic will be freely chosen by the researcher in collaboration with the return host organisation, with a view to completing and/or diversifying her/his expertise. Each researcher will establish, together with her/his personal supervisor in the return host organisation, a Personal Career Development Plan comprising his/her training needs (including transferable skills) and research objectives and later report on the success with which these objectives were met. In this way the researchers will be encouraged to play an active role in shaping their own training programme and professional development.