30 January 2012

European funds for drug prevention

Europen grant funds for drug prevention and information
Call deadline: 17th April 2012

Areas of intervention:
Overall priority will be given to large-scale projects built on a wide partnership involving organisations from a significant number of EU Member States/eligible EFTA States and offering a true European scope and relevance. Projects must be transnational projects, studies and research, exchange of best practice, training, study visits, staff exchanges, seminars, meetings, conferences or a combination of these.
Specific attention will be given to new types of addictions with regard to use of new psychoactive substances. Proposals must demonstrate their innovation and show that there is no duplication with existing activities, including those foreseen by the EMCDDA – European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction .

25 January 2012

European funds for entrepreneurship

European funds for entrepreneurship education
Deadline: 16th April 2012
The objective of this call is to promote projects with a high added value at European level in education for entrepreneurship. Actions will target teachers and young people in primary, secondary and tertiary education

Projects to be supported will focus on one of the following objectives (lots):

1.1 Creating trans-European models for primary and secondary school teachers to support the development of their skills and methods in applying entrepreneurial learning to different teaching subjects and to different contexts.
1.2 Developing, organising and executing cross-European training/education workshops for teachers of entrepreneurship at institutions of higher education (universities, colleges, business schools, universities of applied sciences, etc.).

24 January 2012

Eu funds for research

European funds within the VII Framework programme for research and development
Deadline: 20th March 2012

Main areas of intervention:
1.1 Translational research in major infectious diseases: to confront major threats to public health - Coordination action in support to the Joint Programming Initiative on 'The microbial challenge – An emerging threat to human health'

2.1 Coping with climate change - Coordination action in support to the Joint Programming Initiative on 'Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe'
2.2 Improving resource efficiency - Coordination action in support to the Joint Programming Initiative on 'Water Challenges for a Changing world'

3.1 Support to Joint Programming Coordination action in support to the Joint Programming Initiative on 'Urban Europe – Global Urban Challenges, Joint European Solutions'

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23 January 2012

European funds for education

European funds: education cooperation programme
Deadline: 30th March 2012
There are two types of actions under this call:

For joint mobility projects (JMP) support is provided to enable EU-partner country consortia of post- secondary vocational and training institutions, to carry out joint study and training programmes and to implement student and faculty mobility. Support includes lump sum funding for administration and grants for students and members of the academic and administrative staff. Special attention will be given to projects which include internships and work placements.

For joint degree projects (JDP) support is provided to develop and implement dual/double or joint degree programmes. Support includes lump sum funding for the development work and administration and grants for students and members of the academic and administrative staff. Special attention will be given to applications for joint degree projects.

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20 January 2012

European funds for voluntary corps

European funds for pilot projects for the European voluntary himanitarian aid corps
Deadline: 5th March 2011

The objective of this call is to select pilot projects that will support the Commission in the process leading-up to the establishment of a European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps through the implementation of pilot actions.
The pilot actions shall test some of the possible modules of the future Corps and inform the European Commission's work setting up the Corps.
For the purpose of this call, three different Lots shall be attributed to achieve results in the following areas:
• Lot 1: Strengthening resilience
• Lot 2: Building civil protection capacities
• Lot 3: Responding to disaster

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19 January 2012

2012 is the European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations

Active ageing can give the baby-boom generation and tomorrow's older adults the opportunity to:
  • stay in the workforce and share their experience
  • keep playing an active role in society
  • live as healthy and fulfilling lives as possible.

18 January 2012

Europen funds for energy

European funds "Intelligent energy for a suistanable future"
Deadline: 5th May 2012

The objective of the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme is to contribute to secure sustainable and competitively priced energy for Europe, by providing for action:
• to foster energy efficiency and the rational use of energy resources;
• to promote new and renewable energy sources and to support energy diversification;
• to promote energy efficiency and the use of new and renewable energy sources in transport

Energy efficiency
  • Industrial excellence in energy:
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Energy Services

16 January 2012

European funds in the health sector

European Health programme
Deadline: 9th March 2012
Main areas of intervention:
1. Improve citizens' health security
1.1 Protect citizens against health threats
1.1.1 Response coordination in the face of chemical events
1.1.2 The impact on air transport of health threats due to biological, chemical and radiological agents

2. Promote Health
2.1 Increasing healthy life years and promoting healthy ageing
2.1.1 Support to the European Innovation Partnership on active and healthy ageing

2.2 Addressing health determinants to promote and improve physical and mental health and taking action on key factors such as nutrition and physical activity, and on addiction-related determinants such as tobacco and alcohol
2.2.1 Local community including school based initiatives to prevent overweight and obesity among children and adolescents
2.2.2 Good practice and working methods to support healthy choices and enhance life skills to prevent alcohol-related harm integrated into regular youth activities or through peer support

14 January 2012

Eu funds for cooperation in the Mediterranean sea basin

Eu funds for cooperation in the Mediterranean sea basin
DEADLINE: 29th February 2012 for Concept notes
1. Promotion of socioeconomic development and enhancement of territories
1.1 Support to innovation and research in the process of local development of the Mediterranean Sea Basin countries
1.2 Strengthening economic clusters creating synergies among potentials of the Mediterranean Sea Basin countries
1.3 Strengthening the national strategies of territorial planning by integrating the different levels, and promotion of balanced and sustainable socioeconomic development
2. Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level
2.1 Prevention and reduction of risk factors for the environment and enhancement of natural common heritage

13 January 2012

European financial support for long term professional career integration projects
Deadlines:6th March 2012 AND 18th September 2012

This action consists of financial support for long term professional career integration projects in a host organisation of a Member State or associated country.
The financial support aims to provide the researcher with the best possible conditions for establishing herself/himself in a long term research career. For selected projects, a grant agreement is issued with the integration host organisation, which will commit itself to ensure an effective and lasting professional integration of the researcher for a period of at least the same duration as the project.
The integration host organisation must provide the researcher with an employment contract with a remuneration package of at least the same level to that offered to equivalently qualified researchers at the same institution. Evidence that the researcher will be integrated in the host organisation on this basis for a longer term will be positively taken into account during evaluation. Projects will be selected on the basis of a proposal submitted by an eligible researcher in liaison with a host organisation.


12 January 2012

New European programme for SMEs (2014/2020)

The Programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs, COSME will focus on financial instruments and support to the internationalisation of enterprises.
The Programme has the following general objectives:
- Improve access to finance for SMEs in the form of equity and debt: First, an equity facility for growth-phase investment will provide SMEs with commercially-oriented reimbursable equity financing primarily in the form of venture capital through financial intermediaries. Second, a loan facility will provide SMEs with direct or other risk-sharing arrangements with financial intermediaries to cover loans.

11 January 2012

European funds for cooperation

Deadline: 5th March 2012

Priority: ‘Creation of favourable environmental and socio-economic conditions in the programming area by improvement of the cooperation in the jointly selected sectors and good neighbourly relations in the eligible area’
Measure 1.1: Joint actions for environment, nature and cultural heritage protection
Measure 1.2: Joint tourism and cultural space
Measure 1.3: Small cross-border community development projects

The overall Priority Objective of the CB Programme HR-MNE is therefore to improve quality of life in the cross-border area between Croatia and Montenegro.

10 January 2012

Resarch funds for SMEs

European Contribution for SMEs’ Research and Innovation Activities
Deadline: 1st March 2012

The activities to be implemented include:
• Industrial research activities (planned research or critical investigations aimed at gaining new knowledge, which has to be exploited in order to develop new products, processes or services, or else to allow a significant improvement of the already existing ones).

• Experimental development activities (acquisition, combination, structuring and use of the existing knowledge and skills: these can have either a scientific, technological or commercial nature, in order to produce plans, projects or designs for new products, processes or services, amended or enhanced).

09 January 2012

European funds for research

Supporting the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at national or regional level
Deadline: 28th February 2012

Main areas of intervention:
Innovation for sustainable development
• Innovation in the forest based sector for increasing resource efficiency and tackling climate change with competitive customer solutions
• Strengthening cooperation in European research on sustainable exploitation of marine resources in the seafood chains
• Systems Biology
• Bioenergy: Demonstrations of the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative
• Solar Electricity: Implementation of the Solar Energy Industry Initiative
• Transport III initiative

05 January 2012

Eu funds in the energy field

European grant funds for transeuropean energy networks
Deadline: 29th February 2012

The 2012 programme for grants in the field of trans-European networks (TEN) - area of energy infrastructures (TEN-E) - will encourage the effective operation and development of the internal market, reinforce the security of supplies and the diversification of energy suppliers and routes, facilitate the development and reducing the isolation of less-favoured regions, contribute to sustainable development and protection of the environment, inter alia by involving renewable energies.
Furthermore, it will promote interconnection, interoperability and development of trans-European energy networks and access to such networks in accordance with current EU law.
Particular attention shall be given to projects of European interest that contribute to:
(a) The development of the network to strengthen economic and social cohesion by reducing the isolation of the less-favoured and island regions of the Union;

02 January 2012

European funds for violence prevention

European funds for Prevention of violence against children, young people and women and protection of victims and groups at risk
Deadline: 29th March 2012  
The projects under this call for proposals shall focus on the following priorities:
  • Rights of victims of violence
  • Violence linked to harmful practices
  • Children as victims and perpetrators of violence
  • Perpetrator programmes and interventions
  • Training programmes
  • Empowerment work at grass-roots level
  • Media violence, particularly violence linked to new technology and social networking tools
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