09 March 2012

European funds for accessible tourism

European funds for European Destinations of Excellence - Accessible tourism
Deadline: 30th April 2012
The objective of the present call for proposals is to support eligible countries’ National Administrations in charge of tourism, or other eligible public bodies for the purpose of the selection of one destination of excellence.
The theme for this year's call is “Accessible tourism”.
It is proposed to reward those destinations which have developed a tourism offer based on an overall approach to accessibility for tourists regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age.
The following aspects of accessibility could be considered (a non-exhaustive list):
  • barrier-free destinations (infrastructure and facilities);
  • transport (by air, land and sea, suitable for all users);
  • high quality services (delivered by trained staff);
  • activities, exhibits, attractions (allowing participation in tourism by everyone);
  • marketing, booking systems, web sites and services (information accessible to all).
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