02 March 2012

Erasmus University Charter 2013

European funds for Erasmus University charter
Deadline: 29th March 2012

The Erasmus University Charter provides the general framework for the European cooperation activities a higher education institution (HEI) may carry out within the Erasmus programme as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP). The Erasmus University Charter must be awarded as a prerequisite for HEI to organise student mobility and teaching and other staff mobility, to carry out Erasmus intensive language courses and intensive programmes, and to apply for multilateral projects, networks, accompanying measures and to organise preparatory visits.

In the framework of the Erasmus University Charter (EUC) Selection procedure, higher education institutions can apply for three different types of Charter:
• The Standard Erasmus University Charter is for institutions belonging to the Higher Education sector willing to apply for Erasmus funding for transnational academic mobility activities for students and for staff and/or willing to act as a coordinator/applicant of a consortium for Erasmus multilateral projects, networks or accompanying measures. •
 The Extended Erasmus University Charter (Student Placements only) is for institutions willing to apply only for Erasmus funding for transnational student placements. This type of Charter applies in particular institutions belonging to the secondary education sector.
• The Extended Erasmus University Charter (Standard Charter and Student Placements) is for institutions belonging to the Higher Education sector willing to apply for activities covered by both the Standard and the Extended University Charter (Student Placements only).