12 March 2012

European fundings: Civil Justice
Deadline: 3rd April 2012
Types of activities
Projects may consist of :
- studies;
- research;
- meetings and seminars;
- exchanges between judicial authorities and judicial cooperation networks;
- training;
- dissemination of information on access to justice;
- design, development and implementation of innovative IT solutions;
- exchange of good practice, or - a combination of these activities.
The participants and/or target group of beneficiaries of the projects shall be legal practitioners, including judges, prosecutors, advocates, solicitors, notaries, academic and scientific personnel, ministry officials, court officers, bailiffs, court interpreters, members of judicial cooperation networks and other professionals associated with the judiciary in the area of civil law, national authorities and citizens of the Union in general.

Priority areas
a) Projects aimed at promoting judicial cooperation in civil matters, with the aim of contributing to the creation of a genuine European area of justice in civil matters based on mutual recognition and mutual confidence
b) Projects aimed at promoting the elimination of obstacles to the good functioning of cross-border civil proceedings in the Member States.
c) Projects aimed at improving the daily life of individuals and businesses by enabling them to assert their rights throughout the European Union, notably by fostering access to justice
d) Projects aimed at improving the contacts, exchange of information and networking between legal, judicial and administrative authorities and the legal professions, including by way of support of judicial training, with the aim of ensuring better mutual understanding among such authorities and professionals