01 November 2011

EU funds for Transnational distribution of films

EU funds for Transnational distribution of European films.

The aim is to encourage and support the wider transnational distribution of recent non-national European films by encouraging theatrical distributors in particular to invest in promotion and  adequate distribution of non-domestic European films.
The scheme also aims to encourage the development of links between the production and distribution
sector thus improving the competitive position of non-national European films.
Eligible applicants
This notice is aimed at European companies whose activities contribute to the abovementioned objectives.
Applicants must be established in one of the following countries:
the 27 countries of the European Union + Switzerland and Croatia.

Eligible actions
The theatrical (cinema) distribution of a non-national feature film.
The film must have been majority produced by a producer/producers established in countries participating in the programme and  made with a significant participation by professionals from those countries. The film must be a recent work of fiction, animation or documentary more than 60 minutes long and from a different country than the  country of distribution. Films with a production budget of more than EUR 15 million are not eligible.
For the film to be eligible its first copyright must not have been established before 2008.
Budget: 12 250 000
The financial contribution will take the form of a grant. The financial contribution awarded will in no event exceed 50 % of the eligible costs.
The maximum award shall be EUR 150 000 per film per country

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