17 November 2011

Europeand funds for social experimentations

Eu grant funds for Social experimentions
Deadline: 15th December 2011

The present call focuses on the methodological and governance aspects of the project in the different phases of policy reforms. In this context, particular attention should be given to the design and evaluation of the projects and on mutual learning from the experimentations. This approach is consistent with the emphasis on good governance of the European Union and the increased need to ensure quality of public spending while responding to citizens' needs and expectations.
Selected projects have to contribute to developing and testing socially innovative approaches to policy priorities in the context of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the Open Method of Coordination on social protection and social inclusion.

The relevant projects should address issues such as:
• Design, management and methods to evaluate social experimentations.
• Strategies to scale-up social experimentations and to generalise its results into broader policy measures.
• Cooperation and networking activities.