23 November 2011

Funds for EU transnational cooperation projects

European Alpine Space programme
Deadline: 20th January 2012

The Alpine Space Programme is the EU transnational co-operation programme for the Alps; it connects 33 regions from seven Alpine countries with the aim to increase competitiveness and attractiveness of the cooperation area by developing joint actions in fields where transnational cooperation is required for sustainable solutions.

 Priority 1 - Competitiveness and Attractiveness
  • Coping with the effects of Demographic Change
  • Strengthening the role of urban areas as engines for sustainable development
  • Rural- urban relationship
  • Investing in natural and cultural capital as a source of economic development
Priority 2 - Accessibility and Connectivity
  • Mitigating negative effects of traffic flows crossing the Alps
  • Promoting sustainable and innovative mobility model
  • Supporting connectivity responding to the needs of the demographic change in society
Priority 3 - Environment and Risk Prevention
Coordination and management for use of raw material and natural resources and for energy planning

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