12 September 2011

European grant for Tourism

Trans-national cooperation projects on  European Cultural Routes
Deadline: 7th October 2011

Overall objectives: 
1) to contribute to differentiating the European tourism offer, capitalising on the shared cultural heritage;

2) to contribute integrating both horizontally and vertically the cultural tourism sector, facilitating
clusters/networks of both cultural tourism products and enterprises of the cultural tourism sector.

Financed actions:
The call will support initiatives aimed at promoting and giving more visibility to trans-national Cultural-Tourism Routes - here after referred to as "Routes" -  (also including those recognised by the Council of Europe).
By Route, within the context of this call, it is intended that an itinerary that could either be physical (based on a physical infrastructure) or virtual (linking places/destinations/attractions which have a conceptual link, e.g. a common theme). Hence, these routes are not necessarily built on existing physical route infrastructures.

Applications from legal entities established in one of the following countries are eligible:
(1) EU Member States
(2) Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Israel