14 September 2011

European fund for social tourism

European grant: Promoting Social Tourism in Europe through the  Development of a Demand-Supply Web-Based Platform
Deadline: 14th October 2011
The overall objective of this call for proposals is to support the creation of a web-based platform as a mechanism intended to facilitate  transnational tourism particularly within the CALYPSO target groups, valorise the potential of off-season availability of accommodation, and increase the competitiveness of tourism SME’s.
Specific objectives:
(a) To create a web platform that will facilitate transnational social tourism in Europe, in line with the CALYPSO target groups and objectives.
(b) To propose an appropriate informatics and communication technology dimension for the web platform.
(c) To illustrate how the CALYPSO platform can become self-sustaining whilst facilitating the  continuation of projects co-financed by CALYPSO beyond their project lifespan.
(d) To integrate accessibility and sustainability  related principles within the web platform  environment.
(e) To submit a detailed scheme how information concerning school holiday patterns per Member State could be featured within the Calypso web platform
More information on CALYPSO may be found by following this link:
Applications from legal entities established in one of the EU 27 Member States are eligible