17 September 2011

European funds for Security (2)

European funds for research and development: Security
Deadline: 23rd November 2011
Any legal entities established in a Member State or Associated country
Activity: Intelligent surveillance and border security
Sea borders
  • Increasing trustworthiness of vessel reporting systems
  • Pre-Operational Validation (POV) at EU level of common application of Surveillance tools
Border checks
  • Research on "automated" comparison of x-ray images for cargo scanning with reference material (use of historic images in an automated environment) to identify irregularities
  • Research and validation for sub-surface fingerprint live scanners
  • Tools and processes for assessing the impact of policies/actions on border control
  • Innovative, costefficient and reliable technology to detect humans hidden in vehicles/closed compartments
  • Further research, development and pilot implementation of Terahertz passive detection techniques (T-Ray)
  • Enhancing the workflow and functionalities of Automated Border Control (ABC) gates
Border intelligent surveillance
  • Development of airborne sensors and data link
Activity: Restoring security and safety in case of crisis
Preparedness, prevention, mitigation and planning
  • Preparedness for and management of large scale fires
  • Psycho social support in Crisis Management
  • Positioning and timing tools to guarantee security assets trace and tracking together with worker safety in a secure environment
  • Situational awareness guidance and evacuation systems for large crowds, including crowds unpredictable behaviour
  • Post crisis lesson learned exercise
  • Next generation damage and post-crisis needs assessment tool for reconstruction and recovery planning
CBRN Response
  • Development of mobile laboratories, structures and functions to support rapid assessment of CBRN events with a cross-border or international impact
  • Means of decontamination of large groups, urban/wide areas and large, complex and/or sensitive object
  • Tools for detection, traceability, triage and individual monitoring of victims after a mass contamination