16 September 2011

European funds for Security (1)

European funds for research and development: Security
Deadline: 23rd November 2011
Any legal entities established in a Member State or Associated country
Activity: Increasing the Security of the Citizens
  • Less than Lethal Handling of PBIEDs
  • Home made explosives (HMEs) and recipes characterisation
CBRN Protection
  • CBRNE Demo Phase II
  • Improving drinking water security management and mitigation in large municipalities against major deliberate, accidental or natural CBRN-related contaminations
  • Identification and development of low-risk alternatives to high-risk chemicals
  • Securing the food chains from primary production and animal feeds to consumer ready food against deliberate, accidental or natural CBRN contamination
Information Gathering
  • Digital, miniaturised operational tool for investigation
Activity: Security of infrastructures and utilities
Design, planning of buildings and urban areas
  • Resilience of large scale urban built infrastructure
  • Criticality analysis of critical infrastructure including concepts for forgery proof and efficient facility access systems
Energy, Transport, communication grids
  • Identification of measures to counter illegal export of metal-bearing waste
  • Air traffic Management/Control threat assessment model
  • Improving security in air cargo transport
  • A common EU aviation security requirement to reduce costs and facilitate passenger flows
  • Early warning security systems: physical protection of critical buildings
  • Supply chain
  • Pre-normative technology development for improved and more efficient security of the supply chain
Cyber crime
  • Convergence of physical and cyber security
  • Cyber resilience – Secure cloud computing for critical infrastructure
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