18 September 2011

European funds for Security (3)

European funds for research and development: Security
Deadline: 23rd November 2011
Any legal entities established in a Member State or Associated country

Activity: Security systems integration, interconnectivity and interoperability
Secure Communications
  • Preparation of the next generation of PPDR communication network
  • Interoperability
  • Embedded protection of security systems and anti-tampering technologies
  • Establishment of a first responders platform for interoperability
  • Establishment of a interoperability platform/centre for testing and validating decision and intelligence systems
  • Global solution for interoperability between first responder communication systems
Activity: Security and society
Citizens, media and security
  • Methodologies to assess the effectiveness of measures addressing violent radicalisation
  • Tools and methodologies, definitions and strategies for privacy by design for surveillance technologies, including ICT systems
  • Use of new communication/social media in crisis situation
Foresight, scenarios and security as an evolving concept
  • Developing an efficient and effective environmental scanning system as part of the early warning system for the detection of emerging organised crime threats
  • Criteria for assessing and mainstreaming societal impacts of security research activities
Security economics
  • Fight against corruption
Ethics and Justice
  • Legitimacy and effectiveness of legal measures against security threats
Activity: Security Research coordination and structuring
Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Advancing contemporary forensic methods and equipment
Other coordination
  • Coordination of national research programmes in the area of security research
  • Networking of researchers for a high level multiorganisational and cross-border collaboration