13 July 2011

Research on Environment (including climate change)

Two calls are expected under the FP7 Environment Theme targeting five challenges, including climate change, sustainable use and management of land and seas, improving resource efficiency, protecting citizens from environmental hazards, and mobilizing environmental knowledge for policy, industry and society.

Specific objectives for the environment and climate research are:

  • Provide knowledge-based options for addressing major societal challenges notably climate change, biodiversity loss, land and sea management and resource efficiency.
  • Develop and strengthen European leadership in innovation including key environmental technologies pursuing a broad concept of innovation, both research driven innovation and new business models, eco-design, services (e.g. ecosystem services) and innovation in policy, governance and consumption behaviour.
  • Promote and facilitate knowledge transfer, assessment, uptake and exploitation of scientific data and results, in particular through demonstration and delivery of innovative tools and services such as ecosystem services and earth observation systems.
Publication Date: 20/07/2011