07 July 2011

European funds for Improving expertise in the field of industrial relations

Call for proposal - Deadline: 30th August 2011 

The aim of this programme is to improve expertise in industrial relations (especially in European and comparative terms), to promote the exchange of information and experience among parties actively involved in industrial relations (companies, workers, public authorities and research centres) and to promote the development of industrial relations in Europe

Eligible Actions
• general seminars or conferences on industrial relations, including preparatory studies, the organisation of round tables, exchanges of experience and networks of key actors and/or experts;
• initiatives to further the collection and use of information on national industrial relations systems and on developments at European level;
• initiatives to promote knowledge on effective industrial relations practices, including successful forms of worker participation, particularly in regard to the anticipation, preparation and management of change;
• initiatives contributing to the preparation or use (presentation, discussions and dissemination) of the European Commission's Industrial Relations in Europe report

• Social partners: European or regional/national social partner organisations
• Organisations linked to industrial relations: Non-profit-making organisations, research centres and institutes, universities, Non-profit-making networks of companies or of workers’ organisations
• Public authorities including related associations and government services or agencies
• International organisations (such as UN Agencies) active in the fields of social dialogue and / or industrial relations