11 July 2011

Partner search for Eco Innovation call

We are searching tanneries and companies that make seats for the air, automotive, bus and naval sectors.

Any other profile will be evaluated anyway.

The project proposal aims to reuse scrapes from the leather fashion industry. The process is based on the reutilisation of cuttings derived from the manufacturing by the fashion firms. These scrapes will be treated through a patent tanning process to produce a new material.
These scraps are now largely treated as waste because of their very small dimension and nowadays can not be reused for other productions.
This waste material is normally discarded as non-hazardous special waste.
Through a reworking process, it is possible to obtain a new material for other applications in the industrial field.
This new material has some characteristics that can be conveniently used in the coating of coverings for the automotive, railway and air sectors. It also responds to industry-specific safety regulations.

The project intent to type-test this material in accordance with the automotive, rail and air standards and the European and international standards.
The project aims also to establish and install a production process on an industrial scale, to meet the production volumes required for potential markets. Moreover, a sales network has to be developed.

The coordinator is an Italian SME.
For further information please contact me.