29 July 2011

Research funds for Green Cars

European research funds for "Material for Green Cars"
Deadline: 1st December 2011

Innovative automotive electrochemical storage applications based on nanotechnology
Expected Impact: (i) High energy densities with respect to the state-of-the art (i.e. higher than 400 Wh/kg); (ii) Overall performance, safety, recyclability and life-cycle sustainability; (iii) A minimum lifetime of 3000 cycles in a 80% DoD window in typical automotive conditions over 10 years; (iv) Establish and maintain world-class status for the European automotive battery industry.
Innovative advanced lightweight materials for the next generation of environmentally-friendly electric vehicles
Expected Impact: (i) Considerable weight reduction: a 30% body in white weight reduction was already demonstrated in recent EU projects on conventional vehicles; a further 20% reduction (taking into account the higher acceptable cost) is to be demonstrated, with the relevant safety, energy efficiency and environmental benefits; and/or (ii) Overall reduction in time-to-market and development costs while increasing product flexibility; and (iii) Economic viability and technological feasibility of the advanced materials and the related processes with reference to real applications of industrial relevance; and/or (iv) Options for the use of globally available, recyclable or recycled, and carbon-neutral materials; and/or (v) Extended lifetime of durable components of a vehicle and lower life-cycle costs.