22 July 2011

European research grants in the field of environment

Research fundings for the environemnt
DEADLINE: 20th October 2011


1. Coping with climate change
  • Exploiting the full potential of economic instruments to contribute to achieving the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction objectives for 2050 (CP)
  • Explore opportunities, risks and feasibility and policy implications associated with key geo-engineering options

2. Sustainable use and management of land and seas
  • Improve scientific knowledge base to support the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (“The Ocean of Tomorrow”)
  • Development of advanced technologies and tools for mapping, diagnosing, excavating and securing underwater and coastal archaeological sites

3. Improving resources efficiency
  • Policy options for a resource efficient economy
  • Development of resource efficiency indicators
  • Support for standardisation needs in the field of environment  

4. Mobilising environmental knowledge
  • Exploring opportunities for open access to primary environmental data
  • Integrated assessment of air pollution supporting the revision of EU air quality legislation
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