18 February 2011


DEADLINE: MAY 3rd, 2011
Any legal entities established in  EU Member states or Associated country.
The programme is arranged around the six following Integrated Technology Demonstrators (ITDs):
  1. Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft,
  2. Green Regional Aircraft
  3. Green Rotorcraft,
  4. Systems for Green Operation,
  5. Sustainable and Green Engines,
  6. Eco-Design
The calls are published to support activities meeting the needs of the ITDs and in most cases, the RTD work will serve for one of the demonstrators

  • Smart Maintenance Technologies
  • Development of methodology for selection and integration of sensors in fuselage stiffened panels. Testing scheme, testing of sensorised fuselage stiffened panels and data processing
  • Advanced fuselage and wing structure based on innovative Al-Li alloy – Numerical trade off study and experimental stiffened panel validation.
  • Advanced concepts for trailing edge morphing wings - Design and manufacturing of test rig and test samples -Test execution
  • Novel dressings for Nose Landing Gear noise impact reduction
  • Updated Regional traffic scenario to upgrade Requirements for "Future Regional Aircraft”.
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