22 February 2011


DEADLINE: MAY 3rd, 2011.

Any legal entities established in  EU Member states or Associated country.

The programme is arranged around the six following Integrated Technology Demonstrators (ITDs):

  1. Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft,
  2. Green Regional Aircraft,
  3. Green Rotorcraft,
  4. Systems for Green Operation,
  5. Sustainable and Green Engines,
  6. Eco-Design
The calls are published to support activities meeting the needs of the ITDs and in most cases, the RTD work will serve for one of the demonstrators

  • Lean Burn Control System Verification Rig
  • Pitch Change Mechanism key technologies maturation
  • PCM kinematic demonstration
  • Propellers electrical de-icing system: reliability assessment of key technologies for high temperature electrical machines
  • Large 3-shaft Demonstrator – Core Turbomachinery – High Temperature Flexible Printed Circuit Board
  • Large 3-shaft Demonstrator – Aeroengine intake acoustic liner technology development
  • Advanced press forming and hardening of high strength steels
  • Casting process optimization and validation of hollow multivane clusters with thin walls and trailing edges
  • Integrating forging- and process-simulation into SAGE4 GTF LPT rotor design
  • Total Measurement System for Geometry and Surface Inspection of bladed Disks (TOMMI)
  • Implementation of Carbon-Nanotube Reinforced Aluminium for Aerospace Heat Exchanger Applications
  • Electric Smart Engine Actuator
  • High temperature Ni-based alloy forging process advancement
  • High temperature Ni-based super alloy casting process advancement
  • Feasibility study and prototypes manufacturing of oil tank in thermoplastic for Helicopter Engine
  • Hot environment unsteady pressure sensors
  • Development of Quiet exhaust noise attenuation technologies