17 February 2011


DEADLINE: MAY 3rd, 2011.
Any legal entities established in  EU Member states or Associated country.

The programme is arranged around the six following Integrated Technology Demonstrators (ITDs):
  1. Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft,
  2. Green Regional Aircraft,
  3. Green Rotorcraft,
  4. Systems for Green Operation,
  5. Sustainable and Green Engines,
  6. Eco-Design
The calls are published to support activities meeting the needs of the ITDs and in most cases, the RTD work will serve for one of the demonstrators


  • Environmental Data Models and Interface development
  • Borate-free cleaners used in anodizing processes
  • Chromate free and energy efficient sealing of TSA anodic films for corrosion protection.
  • Industrialization set up of Thermoplastics «In situ» Consolidation Process
  • Conductive thin skin heating (CSH) device for FRP repair applications
  • To develop recycling technologies of aeronautical composite materials through mechano-physical approaches.
  • Simplified LCA (Life cycle assessment) tool
  • Production of yarns and fabric based on recycled carbon fibres
  • Electrical Power Distribution System Model:*
  • Alternator with active power rectification and health monitoring
  • Development, Construction and Integration of Systems for Ground Thermal Test Bench
  • Development, construction, integration, and progress toward to heat pipes monitoring and qualification on aircrafts
 *Functional and scalable model of the EDS Generic Architecture Electrical Power Distribution System, simulating system level issues such as power control and management, load dispatching and shedding, regeneration and protection mechanisms of the electrical distribution network.

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