10 July 2013

Combating Discrimination

DEADLINE: August 8, 2013

The global objective of this Call for Proposals is to reinforce the EIDHR fight against discrimination. EIDHR aims to contribute to the development and consolidation of democracy and the rule of law and respect for all human rights and fundamental freedoms.
Actions in this call are divided in four lots:
  • LOT 1 - Discrimination against Indigenous Peoples: actions to improve their social, economic and political participation; to support free, prior and informed consent in decision making processes; to promote dialogue with authorities on access to land and their natural resources; to protect them from violence and criminalization; to ensure access to justice, etc.
  • LOT 2 - Discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI): actions to improve LGBTI organizations’ visibility and acceptance; to improve dialogue with authorities to change laws; to combat homophobia; to protect LGBTI persons from violence; to offer them and their organizations training, information, legal support, etc.
  • LOT 3 - Discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief (or non-belief): Actions contributing to intercultural and inter-religious dialogue; promoting the perception and development of equal participation of men and women discriminated on these grounds, in the social, economic and political life, etc.
  • LOT 4 – Worst forms of discrimination against girl infants – Female infanticide (0 to 5 years old): Actions contributing to awareness rising on female infanticide, both among society and local authorities; data collection and education campaigns to reduce female infanticide; support women’s protection from pressure to commit female infanticide; enhance dialogue on human rights and discrimination, etc.
Applications must address only one of the above mentioned four lots.
The overall indicative amount made available under this Call for Proposals is EUR 20 million.
EU contribution could cover up to 95 % of the total eligible costs of the action.