22 July 2013

Clean Sky: research project for low-carbon aircraft

DEADLINE: 22 October 2013

Aviation is an essential element of today's global society, bringing people and cultures together (2.2 billion passengers yearly) and creating economic growth (425 billion of world GDP - gross domestic product). The air transport industry is paying a lot of attention to growing public concern about the environmental issues of air pollution, noise and climate change.

Clean Sky, a Public Private Partnership between the European Commission and the Aeronautical Industry, was set up to bring significant step changes regarding the environmental impact of aviation. Clean Sky will speed up technological breakthrough developments and shorten the time to market for new and cleaner solutions tested on full scale demonstrators, thus contributing significantly to reducing the environmental footprint of aviation (i.e. emissions and noise reduction but also green life cycle) for our future generations.

The programme is arranged around the six following Integrated Technology Demonstrators (ITDs):
  • Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • Green Regional Aircraft
  • Green Rotorcraft
  • Systems for Green Operation
  • Sustainable and Green Engines
  • Eco-Design

INDICATIVE BUDGET : € 32 336 250

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