16 January 2012

European funds in the health sector

European Health programme
Deadline: 9th March 2012
Main areas of intervention:
1. Improve citizens' health security
1.1 Protect citizens against health threats
1.1.1 Response coordination in the face of chemical events
1.1.2 The impact on air transport of health threats due to biological, chemical and radiological agents

2. Promote Health
2.1 Increasing healthy life years and promoting healthy ageing
2.1.1 Support to the European Innovation Partnership on active and healthy ageing

2.2 Addressing health determinants to promote and improve physical and mental health and taking action on key factors such as nutrition and physical activity, and on addiction-related determinants such as tobacco and alcohol
2.2.1 Local community including school based initiatives to prevent overweight and obesity among children and adolescents
2.2.2 Good practice and working methods to support healthy choices and enhance life skills to prevent alcohol-related harm integrated into regular youth activities or through peer support
2.3 Prevention of major and rare diseases
2.3.1 Benchmark comprehensive cancer care that provides interdisciplinary treatment for patients, and yield examples of best practice in comprehensive cancer car The objectives of this action are to obtain the latest available information on the cancer burden in the EU and to advance work on cancer prevention and control on the basis of the latest scientific developments and knowledge
2.3.2 Preventing chronic diseases
2.3.3 Support for European rare diseases information networks

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