30 January 2012

European funds for drug prevention

Europen grant funds for drug prevention and information
Call deadline: 17th April 2012

Areas of intervention:
Overall priority will be given to large-scale projects built on a wide partnership involving organisations from a significant number of EU Member States/eligible EFTA States and offering a true European scope and relevance. Projects must be transnational projects, studies and research, exchange of best practice, training, study visits, staff exchanges, seminars, meetings, conferences or a combination of these.
Specific attention will be given to new types of addictions with regard to use of new psychoactive substances. Proposals must demonstrate their innovation and show that there is no duplication with existing activities, including those foreseen by the EMCDDA – European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction .
1.1. Ensure the expansion of the knowledge base, the exchange of information and identification and dissemination of good practices in the area of drug-demand reduction
1.2. Raise awareness of the health and social problems caused by drug use or which influence drug consumption, and to encourage an open dialogue with a view to promoting a better understanding of the phenomenon of drugs
1.3. Support measures aimed at preventing drug use, including by addressing reduction of drug-related harm and treatment methods taking into account the latest state of scientific knowledge
1.4. Projects aimed at the involvement of civil society in the implementation of the European Union's Drug Strategy and Action Plans on Drugs
1.5. Projects aimed at the monitoring, implementation and evaluation of specific actions under the Drugs Action Plan 2009-2012

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