14 January 2012

Eu funds for cooperation in the Mediterranean sea basin

Eu funds for cooperation in the Mediterranean sea basin
DEADLINE: 29th February 2012 for Concept notes
1. Promotion of socioeconomic development and enhancement of territories
1.1 Support to innovation and research in the process of local development of the Mediterranean Sea Basin countries
1.2 Strengthening economic clusters creating synergies among potentials of the Mediterranean Sea Basin countries
1.3 Strengthening the national strategies of territorial planning by integrating the different levels, and promotion of balanced and sustainable socioeconomic development
2. Promotion of environmental sustainability at the basin level
2.1 Prevention and reduction of risk factors for the environment and enhancement of natural common heritage

2.2 Promotion of renewable energies use and improvement of energy efficiency contributing to addressing, among other challenges, climate change
3. Promotion of better conditions and modalities for ensuring the mobility of persons, goods and capitals
3.1 Support to people flows among territories as a means of cultural, social and economic enrichment 3.2 Improvement of conditions and modalities of circulation of goods and capitals among the territories 4. Promotion of cultural dialogue and local governance
4.1 Support to mobility, exchanges, training and professionalism of young people
4.2 Support to the artistic creativity in all its expressions to encourage dialogue among communities
4.3 Improvement of governance processes at local level