03 October 2011

European funds for creation and promotion of audiovisual content

European Support for the development of on- and off-line interactive work
Eligible applicants
This notice is aimed at European companies and in particular to independent production companies.
Applicants must be established in one of the following countries:
— the 27 countries of the European Union,
— Croatia and Switzerland.

Eligible actions
The activities for the following interactive works are eligible:
The concept development (up to a first playable application) of digital interactive content complementing an
audiovisual project (drama, creative documentary or animation) specifically developed for at least one of the
following platforms:
  • Internet,
  • PC,
  • console,
  • handheld device,
  • interactive television.
This digital content must present:
  • substantial interactivity with a narrative component,
  • originality, creativity and innovation against existing works,
  • European commercial potential.
Only the following types of audiovisual project intended for commercial exploitation can be complemented by the submitted interactive work:
  • a drama of at least 50 minutes (the total length of the series in the case of a series),
  • a creative documentary of at least 25 minutes (length per episode in the case of a series),
  • an animation of at least 24 minutes (the total length of the series in the case of a series).
The call for proposals has two deadlines.
25 November 2011
13 April 2012