13 December 2013

Creative Europe Programme - Call for proposal

Organisation and implementation of an annual European Union Prize for rock, pop and dance music: The European Border Breakers' Awards
Deadline 31 January 2014
The purpose of this call for proposals is to select an organisation/consortium capable of organising the European Border Breakers' Awards (EBBA) for the European Commission for the period 2014-2018 (as of the 2015 edition with preparatory work in 2014). The work entails the organisation of procedures for the selection of the award winners, the organisation of the award ceremony and the promotion of the awards and their winners. The successful applicant will be invited to sign a framework partnership agreement for a maximum period of four years

The EBBA awards aim to recognize and reward the success of emerging talents in the pop, rock and dance music, who manage to achieve success with their first international release in Europe beyond their home country. 

The objectives of the EBBA awards are:
• further increase the visibility and cross-border success of the winners,
• inspire other emerging artists so that they can achieve international success, as well as
• raise broader awareness in the music industry and among the broader public of the large amount of high quality musical talent in Europe that deserves to be better known and promoted both across the continent and beyond

Budget for the co-financing of this action is estimated at € 400.000. This will cover the work plan for the 2015 edition of the prize.

The call is open to public or private organisations whose chief activity lies in the field of rock, pop and dance music and which have at least five years proven experience in organising activities and events at a European level in this field.

Organisations have to be established in the 28 EU Member States or in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Montenegro, Serbia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Syria and Israel.

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