06 December 2013

Boosting Urban Mobility Plans

BUMP will organize a series of visits to townsn and cities where BUMP projects have been put into practice. Inviting national and international delegations, BUMP will manage and lead these visist to 'BUMP Pioneers'.

These visist aim to enable the knowledge, learning and experience gained through the BUMP project to be shared beyond the participating group and to inspire other authorities to develop their own SUMPs.

Visits will provide a great opportunity for host towns and cities to raise their profile nationally and internationally. By attending these visists, guest delegations will be able to see exemplar mobility projects in action, learn how they developed and understand the conditions needed to replicate such projects where they live. These visits also present attractive opportunities for networking and international cooperation, both for the delegates and the host towns and cities involved

Participation is reserved to local authorities with a population ranging from 40.000 and 350.000. All services will be provided free of charge to the local authorities selected as beneficiaries through a public call. Local authorities will then appoint their representatives as participants in project activities among their planners, environmental and technical officers. 
The project will part-fund the participants' travel, subsistence and accommodation cost.