23 October 2013

SMEs in Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 aims to enhance the participation of SMEs (also micro-SMEs), addressing all forms of R&D and types of innovation (non-technological and service innovations), towards exploitation and commercialization. SMEs should get access to international networks, new markets and customers and qualified staff. Better conditions for SME participation are envisaged. 

The concept of SMEs in Horizon 2020: Whereas mainstreaming SME support is offered via the new SME instrument that will be implemented in the societal challenges as well as in the enabling and industrial technologies, specific support is provided via different measures. Research intensive SMEs are tackled by Eurostars 2 (Article 185 initiative), targeting market oriented innovation of R&D performing SMEs with a bottom-up approach. 

The innovation capacity of SMEs will be enhanced by awareness raising, information and dissemination training and mobility activities, networking and exchange of best practice. In addition, specialised innovation support on IP-exploitation, networks of procurers, tech transfer offices and strategy design is completing this specific support. 

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