04 October 2013

Community Networks Testbed for the Future Internet

Connected communities: A future internet, built by the people for the people 
 Deadline: 19 October 2013 

The CONFINE project is designing, building and operating a distributed testbed to support experimental research in community networking: Community-lab.net.

Topics of interest for this open call are around community networking, on aspects such as but not limited to:
  • Wireless mesh networks 
  • Wireless MAC and routing protocols 
  • Services and applications for community networks 
  • Cross-layer designs
  • Hybrid networks with wireless and optical fibre links 
  • Tools for bootstrapping and running community networks 
  • Performance modelling and evaluation 
  • Quality of service provisioning 
  • Quality of experience in community networks 
  • Community network security and privacy 
  • Large-scale management and data collection infrastructures 
  • Incentive models for encouraging users and businesses to participate in community networks 
  • Socio-technical-economic experiments for community networks 
  • Legal aspects of community networks 
  • Increasing public awareness about the potential of community networks
  • Engaging citizens and local administrations in community network developments

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