21 October 2013


Deadline: 8th January 2014

The FI-CONTENT 2 project, currently active in the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community for research and technological development, announces its Open Call for new beneficiaries. FI-CONTENT 2 is part of the Future Internet PPP (FI-PPP) program, a joint action by European Industry and the European Commission.

The FI-CONTENT 2 project aims at establishing the foundation of a European infrastructure for promoting and testing novel uses of audio-visual content on connected devices. The partners will develop and deploy advanced platforms for Social Connected TV, Mobile Smart City services, and Pervasive Games. To assess the approach and improve these platforms, user communities in 6 European locations will be activated for living lab and field trials. 

The objective of the open call is to recruit around five to ten new content usage driven partners to complement the three platforms that the FI-CONTENT 2 project is building, by creating new applications or providing missing technologies to extend the platforms' capabilities. It is expected that the new partners will contribute to one or more of the following topics: 

Social Connected TV Platform
• Device Discovery,
• Cross-Device Communication,
• Interactive Content and Services,
• Service and Platform APIs,
• Search and Discovery;

Smart City Services Platform:
• Real-time Translation of text and audio of any Smart City Guide Content,
• Word Spotting / Summarization of Smart City Guide Content,
• Service Continuity / Complementarities Between Devices,
• Rich-Media Ad-Insertion,
• Platform Enrichment (Data and Content);

Pervasive Gaming Platform
• Augmented Reality Tracking,
• Reality Mixer,
• Games with Things,
• Content Creation and Integration,
• Game Social Platform.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) will be managed according to the corresponding Grant Agreement, Consortium Agreement and Collaboration Agreement, which the new partners shall adhere to.

Expected duration of participation in project: beginning of April 2014 to end of March 2015 (12 months)
Total EC funding available for new partners: up to 1.35 Million Euro 
Number of new partners to be selected: around 5 to 10

For further information, please contact us