02 September 2013

New funding programme LIFE 2014\2020

New LIFE programme 2014/2020 will replace LIFE+ 2007/2013

It will be divided into two sub-programmes: 

 The sub-programme for Environment will support efforts in the following areas: 
- "Environment and Resource Efficiency" will focus on more innovative solutions for better implementation of environment policy and integrating environmental objectives in other sectors; 
- "Biodiversity" will develop best practices to halt biodiversity loss and restore ecosystem services, while keeping its primary focus on supporting Natura 2000 sites, especially via integrated projects consistent with Member States Prioritised Action Frameworks (as described in the Commission's new paper on Financing Natura 2000); 
- "Environmental Governance and Information" will promote knowledge sharing, dissemination of best practices, and better compliance, in addition to awareness raising campaigns 

 The sub-programme for Climate Action covers the following areas: 
- "Climate Change Mitigation" will focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions; 
- "Climate Change Adaptation" will focus on increasing resilience to climate change; 
-"Climate Governance and Information" will focus on increasing awareness, communication, cooperation and dissemination on climate mitigation and adaptation actions. 

Grants to finance projects will remain the Programme's main type of intervention. Operating grants for NGOs and other bodies will still be possible, and there will also be scope for contributions to innovative financial instruments.