22 August 2013


We are looking for industrial partner for a project in the agrifood sector for the production and use of the first neraly zero energy ripening room.

The new technology enables to interact from and\or toward the outer environment for annulling heat exchanges from the air-conditioned internal environment through a closed- circuit water system plunged in new generation insulating materials.

The innovative technology allows to reach almost zero energy comsuption in all environments needing a controlled temperature, especially those for food aging, both in new constructions over the ground and in energy requalifications. 

The system has already been tested during 2013 and results are certified. 

Searched partners are primarly in the sector of prefabrication of building envelopes (wall and roofing panels), for the construction of storehouses and aging rooms especially with experience in the agri food sector, that are intersted in the costruction of active insulation systems for enviroments with controlled temperature. 

 Searched partners can also be final users in the agri-food sector (but also in the treatment of tobacco and pharmaceutical) that need to level down energy consumption of the air-conditioning of process rooms. The project foresees the market penetration of the innovative technology.

For further information contact us  or ph: 0039-11-6606561