07 August 2013

Actions for children as victims of violence and of bullying at school

DEADLINE: 30 october 2013

There are two specific actions under this call for proposals:
  1. Proposals should benefit child victims and/or witnesses of violence in close or intimate relationships, where projects roll out previously tried and tested models or pilots (to be described in detail in the application) taking a child-centred approach and documenting the numbers of children to be reached by the project.
  2. Proposals should develop and roll out, or roll out previously developed and piloted comprehensive anti-bullying policy and programmes (to be described in detail in the application) in schools. Projects funded under this priority must involve children, teachers and staff in a participatory and empowering manner and clearly document the numbers of children/teachers/staff that will be reached.
Bullying at school projects may also cover social networking sites as an extension of bullying in schools.
Projects under these priorities may allow for adaptations or customisation in line with the situation in individual Member States, but the overall objectives and methods must be the same for all participating Member States.

Total budget for the programme: 11.404.000 euro