21 February 2012

Renewables and energy Efficiency

European funds: Innovation for renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions in mediterranean regions and cities
Deadline: 12th April 2012
Priority Axis 1: Strengthening innovation capacities
The focus will be on the strengthening of SMEs innovation capacities, knowledge management and networking with the support of public and intermediary bodies. Projects will have to make proposals to strengthen the position of SMEs in the energy sector in Mediterranean regions and to increase their potential at transnational level.
Priority Axis 2: Protection of the environment and promotion of a sustainable territorial development

The focus will be on the promotion of innovative renewable energy or/and energy efficiency solutions for smart Mediterranean cities, especially by taking into account the success and failures of on-going initiatives (├ęcoquartiers, smart cities initiatives…). These difficulties may relate to poor performance in term of efficiency or economy of energy, lack of skills and knowledge, excessive costs, etc.). The objective will be to promote strategies, planning and measures ensuring that innovative solutions are implemented and used in the best cost-efficient way
For Italian readers: training course on EU funds on energy efficiency and renewables: http://www.corsoeuroprogettazione.blogspot.com/2012/02/i-fondi-europei-per-le-energie.html