27 February 2012

E-inclusion awards 2012

Established by the European Commission, the e-Inclusion Awards is on a mission to discover and celebrate the most innovative ways of plugging the digital gap and helping people to enjoy the benefits of the internet.
Aimed at inspiring individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, NGOs and governments the Awards reward those championing the way forward and exploiting the potential of technology in dealing with today’s challenges. With almost a quarter of Europeans remaining offline, growth of the digital economy will be stunted as will access to the benefits achieved from access to online facilities. Europe’s Digital Agenda includes a vision of 'Every European Digital' in which all people truly benefit from technology innovations, improving their well-being throughout their lifetime and contributing to economic recovery.
The e-Inclusion Awards are open to individuals as well as organisations big and small in the public, business and civil society sectors. There are two categories in the competition, both of which will require entrants to submit written and audiovisual material as part of their entry: “I am Part of IT” award: For individuals who have felt significant benefit and empowerment by becoming e-included. Of particular (although not exclusive) interest are stories around employability, re-skilling, and improvement in life situations. “Be Part of IT Champions” award: For organisations (or individuals outside of organisations) who champion e-inclusion by undertaking and supporting relevant projects.

Deadline: 4 May 2012
Twelve finalists in each category will be invited to present their project at the Digital Agenda Assembly Conference in Brussels, Belgium to take place on 21st and 22nd June 2012 as part of the “e-Inclusion: Be Part of IT 2.0” campaign. The overall winners will be announced at the conference.