03 February 2014


Competitiveness of European Aviation through cost efficiency and innovation
Deadline: 18th March 2014 (for pre-proposals)

Regarding aircraft, research and innovation actions could target the development of technologies and methodologies which have the potential to save costs and time across the whole life cycle of the aircraft (design, production, maintenance, overhaul, repair and retrofit), including for certification aspects. Research and innovation actions could also target the integration of additional functions (e.g. sensing, actuating) or materials in structural components of the aircraft, the increased use of automation and artificial intelligence in control systems allowing versatility and new capabilities or to provide passenger with additional services on-board of the aircraft or at the airport.

Regarding air transport operations, research and innovation actions could target cost efficiency of ground operations, as well as innovative approaches which can reduce the needs or accelerate the pace of the training of personnel.

Expected impact: Actions will demonstrate in a quantified manner their potential to mature the Technology Readiness Level in the range 1-6, of technologies and concepts that can make a significant contribution towards the following high level goals by 2050 with reference year 2000:
The whole Europe aviation industry is strongly competitive and retains leading edge design, manufacturing and system integration capabilities and associated jobs thanks to significantly decreased development costs (including a reduction of costs of certification by 50%).
Actions will also provide ad-hoc indicators to measure the expected progress in terms of, for example, reduction of production or certification times and costs, when comparing the situation before the start of the action and after the implementation of its results. In the case of novel products and services, the potential markets will be identified together with the potential corresponding volumes / value.

Project budget: 5-8 million EUR each
Funding rate: 100%

Source: European Commission official website

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