21 December 2012

One Health Programme in Asia

European grant fund: EuropeAid Programme
Deadline: 22nd February 2013 for concept notes

The program is designed to improve health and well-being of fragile populations in Asia by tackling health risks and challenges at the interface between animals, humans and their various environments. The programme aims to strengthen capabilities in notably the Least Developed Countries in Asia to address and prepare for risks related to infectious diseases via the promotion of innovative and regional cross-sectoral and multi-actor collaborations and networking through the implementation of the One Health approach

Eligible actions are those aiming at: 

  • Linking wildlife, ecosystems, environments (including socio-economic) and health; 
  • Assessing (socio-economically) the burden of neglected zoonoses and the added value of the OH approach; 
  • OH advocacy in particular vis-à-vis the public health sector; 
  • Asian OH network and governance; 
  • Communication in time of sanitary crisis and “peace”; 
  • Addressing critical control points at the animal-human-environment (AHE) interface; 
  • Dealing with “infectious uncertainty”; new approaches to health risks at the AHE interface 
  • Setting-up truly cross-sectoral collaboration beyond the traditional health sub-sectors (human and animal health professionals);
  •  Creating a OH culture among young professionals (joint events, exchanges, joint trainings and research, etc.); 
  • Improving curricula and university training in health-related subjects-reaching a common Asian minimum standard; 
  • covered by OIE for animal health 
  • Providing a master plan (offer/demand - local ownership - recipient driven) for OH training of veterinary and medical professionals in high-risks countries (demand-driven, country-owned planning of training, which is not the case now).