17 December 2012

European price for innovation in public administrations

VII Framework programme for resarch and innnovation- Capacities
Deadline: 15th February 2013

The Commission plans to award prizes to successful, already running, and innovative public initiatives. The initiatives, managed by the national, regional or local public administrations, will have made significant improvements in citizens' lives.
With this Prize the Commission wants to reward excellence and innovation in strategies, services, networks, processes and infrastructure. 

The Commission wants to recognise the outstanding achievements of public administrations in the following three categories:

1. Initiatives for citizens (e.g. special assistance for the elderly; eco-friendly public transport; participatory budgeting)
2. Initiatives for firms (e.g. providing networking platforms for start-ups; supporting rural entrepreneurs with e-trade tools)
3. Initiatives for education and research (e.g. new approaches to vocational training; fostering a better learning environment for primary schools; facilitating entrepreneurship of researchers)