05 June 2012

European fundings for environment

Anticipation on the new call for proposal within the VII Framework programme for research and development: Environment
European fundings for research and development
Topics will cover the following area:
  • Coping with climate change
  • Sustainable use and management of land and seas
  • Improving resource efficiency
  • Protecting citizens from environmental hazards
  • Mobilising environmental knowledge for policy, industry and society
  • Public-Private Partnership 'Energy Efficient Buildings Initiative'
Improving the health of European citizens and increasing the competitiveness and boosting the innovative capacity of European health-related industries and businesses while addressing global health issues including emerging epidemics. Emphasis will be put ontranslational research (translation of basic discoveries in clinical applications including scientific validation of experimental results) the development and validation of new therapies, methods for health promotion and prevention including promotion of child health, healthy ageing, diagnostic tools and medical technologies, as well as sustainable and efficient healthcare systems.

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