24 May 2012

European Funds for ecoinnovation

European fundings: CIP Eco-innovation First Application and Market Replication Projects Deadline: 6th September 2012
European fundings

The three main aspects of CIP Eco-innovation are:
1. Environmental benefits
2. Economic benefits (including wide replication)
3. Contribution of projects to innovation

Environmental impacts and optimisation of resources need to be considered in a non-isolated way throughout the life cycle of the related activities: from extraction of raw materials to production, distribution, use and final disposal or recycling on a full Life-Cycle approach.
In addition, eco-innovation should make sense economically and should bring tangible benefits in terms of investments, turnover, market penetration and job creation especially for SMEs.
Besides the application of the new eco-innovative solution during the project,r eplication and exploitation are also important aspects: CIP Eco-innovation aims to multiply the impacts of the projects' solutions and mobilise a wide market uptake, reaching a critical mass during the project and/or in a short and medium term. A clear business and exploitation plan should be part of every project.

Priory Areas
  1. Materials recycling
  2. Sustainable building products
  3. Food and drink sector
  4. Water
  5. Greening businesses
Full text of the call for proposal