08 May 2012

Eu funds: Support to national activities aiming at combating discrimination and promoting equality

European programme: Progress - antidiscrimantion and diversity
Deadline of the call for proposal: 28 June 2012
The objectives of this call are to support national authorities in charge of equality and nondiscrimination of PROGRESS participating countries in:
a) Developing their national policy to combat discrimination and promote equality beyond legislation; b) Fostering the dissemination of information on EU and national policy and legislation in the non discrimination field;
c) Identifying best practices which could be transferable to other participating countries
Funding from PROGRESS should complement existing or planned national activities in the field of non-discrimination. The applicant should explain how gender dimension was taken into account when planning and implementing the activities. The discrimination faced by especially vulnerable groups such as Roma should also be considered.

The projects which may be financed under this call for proposals may include the following activities:
• Training activities in the non discrimination field.
• Identification, analysis, promotion and dissemination of good practices on non discrimination.
• Organisation of awareness raising events on equality issues, including diversity awards.
• Carrying out studies or surveys at national level aiming at a better understanding of the phenomenon of discrimination and the situation of discriminated groups especially on the labour market (ethnic minorities, young and older people, disabled people, LGBT people, religious minorities).