17 April 2012

European funds for the audiovisual sector

European funding for supporting transnational distribution of European films
Deadline: 18 June 2012

Are you eligible?
You are eligible if you are a European company and have contracted with the producer(s) of a film to act as agent to market the rights to the work to potential buyers (particularly distributors) outside the home country or countries in at least ten countries participating in the MEDIA Programme.

What works are eligible?
All recent works of fiction, cartoons and documentaries more than 60 minutes long.

How does the support work?
Initially, you must demonstrate your eligibility by showing that you have had a certain level of activity during a reference period. This will generate a first instalment of potential support: You must have a portfolio of at least eight recent European films (including at least one from another European country). At least 4 of these films, that you have sold, must have been released theatrically in at least three countries (outside their home country). To take effect, the fund generated must be reinvested between 18 June 2012 and 1 March 2014:
- in minimum distribution guarantees for new films from other European countries
- in promotion (copies/publicity) of new films from other European countries

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