02 April 2012

Europeaid Programme

European funding: civil society facility programme
Deadline: 29th June 2012

The global objectives of this Call for Proposals is:
• A more dynamic civil society actively participating in public debate on democracy, human rights, social inclusion and the rule of law and with capacity to influence policy and decision making processes
The specific objectives of this Call for Proposals are:
 • To stimulate and strengthen the issue based CSO networks, cooperation, exchange of knowledge and experience between them in order to become stronger partner in the dialogue with the governmental authorities.
• To support to CSOs in several different areas such as: fight against corruption, awareness building in the area of justice and security.
• To support capacity building of environmental CSOs in becoming better partner to the governments in shaping policies of state, entities, District BrĨko and municipalities to deal with BiH' real environmental problems.
Lots (Minimum one grant is foreseen per lots: 1-11)
1: Social inclusion
2: Youth
3: Environment
4: Entrepreneurship
5: Education
6: Culture
7: Rural development and combating unemployment
8: Health
9: Media
10: Anti-corruption
11: Justice and Home affairs
12: Environment and climate change