15 October 2010

Bidding opens on 2011 €780M information technology funding

The European Commission has announced the largest annual budget in 25 years of backing information technology research, opening the bidding for 2011 funding of €780 million at ICT 2010, the biennial showcase of the fruits of its investment in the field, held in Brussels this week.
More is to come, since the Commission has committed to increasing the ICT research budget by a further 20 per cent each year up to the end of Framework Programme 7 in 2013. And speaking at the opening of the conference Neelie Kroes, head of the Digital Agenda, told the 6,000 delegates she will make “a very strong case for even stronger levels of support,” in FP8.

To read more: http://bulletin.sciencebusiness.net/ebulletins/showissue.php3?page=/548/6555/19912
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