11 August 2010

Contribution for SMEs’ Research and Innovation Activities.


A Eurostars project is collaborative, meaning it must involve at least two participants (legal entities) from two different Eurostars member countries:
  • Main participant: one R&D-performing SME from a Eurostars member country (i.e. a SME that invests 10% or more of its turn-over or its full-time equivalent personal in research and development activities).
  • Other entities: Any type of organisation (small and medium-sized enterprise, large company, university, research centre).

    The activities to be implemented include:
    • Industrial research activities (planned research or critical investigations aimed at gaining new knowledge, which has to be exploited in order to develop new products, processes or services, or else to allow a significant improvement of the already existing ones).
    • Experimental development activities (acquisition, combination, structuring and use of the existing knowledge and skills: these can have either a scientific, technological or commercial nature, in order to produce plans, projects or designs for new products, processes or services, amended or enhanced).

    For further information, please contact infonetwork@igcsas.it